I am a S.F. bay area artist who loves to find the beauty in the unexpected. I consider myself to be an urban archaeologist, uncovering the treasures in other peoples refuse. I enjoy both the hunt for materials for my jewelry, and the disassembling of the items once I have found them.
All of my guitar and bass string jewelry is made from previously played guitar strings. Some guitar strings may have some discoloration, but I feel this adds to the character of the pieces. Since most guitar strings are made up of more than one metal, for example steel and nickel, they are not able to be recycled. Unless the guitar strings are given a new use they will just end up in the trash, which makes my guitar string jewelry eco-friendly as well as being beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.

Paper Bead Jewelry & Guitar String Jewelry

I specialize in handmade paper bead jewelry and guitar string jewelry. Feel free to contact me with any questions!