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Paper Bead Jewelry- Vintage Sheet Music Bracelet


Item collection 2557105 original Gallery hero 2557105 original

Paper Bead Jewelry- Upcycled U.S. Map Cuff Bracelet


Item collection 2557474 original Gallery hero 2557474 original

Paper Bead Jewelry- Upcycled Black & White Comic Book Bracelet Cuff


Item collection 2556941 original Gallery hero 2556941 original

Guitar String Jewelry- Upcycled Garnet Red Brass Drop Earrings


Item collection 2556804 original Gallery hero 2556804 original

Guitar String Jewelry- Black & Silver Guitar String Upcycled Earrings


Item collection 2557519 original Gallery hero 2557519 original

Guitar String Jewelry- Garnet Red and Silver Earrings


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Paper Bead Jewelry & Guitar String Jewelry

I specialize in handmade paper bead jewelry and guitar string jewelry. Feel free to contact me with any questions!